Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sex Education: Being Safe is Better Than Abstinence

I saw this video about sex education from a girl named Sarah from the International School of the Americas in San Antonio. Her video provides information and statistic on how providing safe sex education is way more effective than just telling teens to be abstinent. This video is very informative and definitely strikes exactly how I feel on this issue. Her drawings of stick figures provided a creative and lighthearted way of presenting hard facts. This is her video.

Giving Back with Technology: Luis

In our latest Digital Youth Portrait, Luis has a very interesting and inspiring story of the way he uses todays technology. He uses technology often in his everyday life and uses it to help out with his family and even his community. I can see that he is a great person inside an out, he is completely unselfish and motivated to succeed in whatever he feels he can do. Technology has opened a window of opportunity to him and he is reaching out and grabbing at every experience possible. I mean, wouldn't you feel honored to be invited to Chile just to present a world class presentation? This kid is something special and definitely someone who is going to innovate and expand our world of devices and tools.

One thing that I can for sure take away from this is the realization of how intelligent our nation's youth has become because of new innovative systems. It is incredible how much heart a kid has when using a form of technology that they just absolutely love. If you put your mind to something anything that you are capable of doing can happen and so much more. You do not have to be naturally talented to use technology so you can be just as good as it as anyone else.

Much of America care more for their sports and their television shows, but none of them really appreciate how any of those things appear on the screen and how they are able to access information just by the click of a keyboard. It is so second nature to us now that some people do not see the positivity in it. My whole family uses technology to its advantages. My dad works at home on the computer and brings in the dough because he knows how to use a computer to his advantages and provide a lifestyle for himself. I believe that if every person at least has the knowledge to access websites and information anything is possible and Luis proves this in every way.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

VoiceThread: Dancing is Passion

This my VoiceThread that I created about dancing. It describes exactlty why I love dancing and the way it effects me.