Tuesday, April 27, 2010


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T4T Jordan

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Survey on Movies


We created surveys n class about any topic that we wanted, I decided to do my topic on movies. At first I screwed up the survey so I edited it and added questions and then had my boyfriend answer the survey for me so I could have results. What I got from the survey is that more people prefer comedy movies, indie movies come in second. The one and only response I got from my edited version is that the movies are a great place to go rather than just stay home just for the big screen, popcorn, and the atmosphere.


This is an example for my screencast.

Orientation in Second Life

In this video, Orientation in Second Life, a virtual world is created for various types of things. The senior lecture at London Metropolitan University, Alan Hudson, has been using elearning and he has been doing a lot of teaching with Second Life.

Alan seems to have a problem with elearning since you already have to know how to do everything before you can use it and even learn from it. The orientation is kind of confusing and can understand why people quit before even finishing the orientation. It is not an easy thing to learn and familiarizing themselves with simulated places like London can help and can make it a lot easier to navigate.

I have never even heard of Second Life until I saw it in the video of Sam and thought it was really interesting, it seems to kind of remind me of WoW a little. I may use this in my future classroom but I would have to figure out how to make it educational in the process. Social skills and problem solving skills might be incorporated and can hep the students out in that way. It is good that so many people are trying to help everyone else out and make second life easier to use and more fun.

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Sam I Am

In the video, Digital Youth Portrait: Sam, Sam is an average 15 year old who has a brain for technology. She uses it for classroom projects, for musical purposes, and even for fun. She is probably the best example of a typical teenager of these times with the amount of texting they use and all of the new inventive technological advances that are available at their finger tips. She uses her IPod to read books instead of reading it to herself, helps college students use multi media applications, and plays World of Worldcraft often.

I feel I can relate to Sam, I was that kid that used the video camera all the time for recording and I pick up applications extremely easily. It seems playing WoW has a strong connection to smart people consdering my boyfriend plays constantly and I myself even play, just not 10 hours a week like a normal user would play. It is a problem solving game and when you are exposed to that kind of thing then you expand your knowledge and things seem to come easier. I believe no matter what kind of networking site you use or even multimedia things, technology can help you expand your mind and your thoughts to create and use something completely out of this world.