Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sam I Am

In the video, Digital Youth Portrait: Sam, Sam is an average 15 year old who has a brain for technology. She uses it for classroom projects, for musical purposes, and even for fun. She is probably the best example of a typical teenager of these times with the amount of texting they use and all of the new inventive technological advances that are available at their finger tips. She uses her IPod to read books instead of reading it to herself, helps college students use multi media applications, and plays World of Worldcraft often.

I feel I can relate to Sam, I was that kid that used the video camera all the time for recording and I pick up applications extremely easily. It seems playing WoW has a strong connection to smart people consdering my boyfriend plays constantly and I myself even play, just not 10 hours a week like a normal user would play. It is a problem solving game and when you are exposed to that kind of thing then you expand your knowledge and things seem to come easier. I believe no matter what kind of networking site you use or even multimedia things, technology can help you expand your mind and your thoughts to create and use something completely out of this world.

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  1. I agree with you that technology, in general, does help people and it benefits them. Through social networking sites, people can stay in contact with each other and through virtual games, people can solve puzzles and work with others. Lol, I've never actually played WoW, but I've heard about it.