Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Digiteens Project

The concept for Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers is a great one to do for older students in secondary grades. Putting together projects and having them do their research on appropriate websites can expand their knowledge about the hazards of the internet.Every teenager should be aware of the risks and what could happen to them if they are careless about how they use their technology

Facebook is where about 80% of teenagers get online every day and the ages of facebook users is from ages 10-80, so this leaves a great barrier for sexual predators and stalkers. Bullies are also a big part, and with these social networking sites, every young person must know the risks of posting pictures and statuses that could harm their outside life. I know of some people who have gotten fired from their job for posting inappropriate pictures and statuses on facebook and to be honest, it should be both parents and schools that help practice this safe behavior.

Having students make projects for these kind of situations is what every kind needs to do. The more they know about the internet, the less likely they are to be victims of cyber bullying, stalking, and even sexual predators. These kinds of projects are great ideas to use in classrooms so these students can understand their world around them and know how to avoid those risks.

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