Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Wizard of Apps

"The Wizard of Apps" was a very helpful video in expanding your knowledge about different websites that can give you real information rather than bogus stuff people just post. The video is a little corny but it is a lot better way to give out this kind of information, rather than just having some educational video that can bore you to death. I like that she gives you all of the websites and links underbeath the video so you can go visit them yourselves.

Having all of these different websites can be useful when you become a teacher. You know that whenever you get on these sites it is not going to take you somewhere you do not want to go. Like for instance, you can use flirkStorm rather than google images, since google images may have copyrighted images and it would be illegal for you to use them. Plus there are no filters in the google system so you may get images and websites that you do not want to recieve that may be inappropriate or unrelated to your searches.

When I finished the video, I felt like I could use these helpful websites in my classroom someday. It would make it easier for me as a teacher and more enjoyable for my students if it is fun and safe for them. This video has helped with the resources I could use and might possibly refer to this some time in the future.

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