Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cameron: A Reflective Look on the Youthful Mind

As I was watching this video, Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Cameron , I realized how smart children are in the day and age. Technology has come so far as to give inspiration to a child and provide a possible career in his future. It is incredible how one camera and one computer can have a child's mind in sync with technology and it is astonishing how this certain child uses his resources to create special effects and creative videos. One thing that I have learned from this video is that you must not take children for granted and not belittle them for they may know more than you do. I say that you should give a child a form of technology and have them come up with a creative way to utilize that technology, the child will surprise you with the knowledge and information that you have. When I was about six years old, I knew how to work a computer before my parents did and even though they condemned me to ever touch the computer, I regularly used it without their consent. Now to this day I still have the memories of how I used the technology to my learning advantage and I am still better at using it than my parents and even most of my family. When I become a teacher I will utilize every kid of techology as I can in my classroom so I can relate and get involved in my students learning. Providing videos that the students make themselves can help this process and can show you all of their weaknesses and their strong aspects of how they learn and interact. So in conclusion, never underestimate a child's mind, for they may have to school you in their ways.

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