Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Useful Tool of Blogging in Schools

Blogging can be a useful tool in young education. In this video, We Like Our Blogging Buddies: The Write Stuff with Blogging Mentors, students from a college in Regina, SK mentor a first grade class on writing through blogging. By showing the children's blogs, comments, and statistics of this program, it is obvious that this kind of technology is helpful in developing writing and grammar. A simple computer program where you rewrite a sentence does not shape and prepare a child for real online and handwritten writing. I used these kinds of programs while in middle school and all we ever focused on was how fast we could type and not how well. The children move at their own pace, writing words by sounding them out and gaining positive feedback from an outside source on what they can do to improve. Watching this video can give any person an idea of how to improve a child's writing and how to provide that kind of support and feedback they need to strive in learning. I personally believe if there was such a thing when I was younger, my writing skills and words would be at a phenomenal level and would be advanced beyond my years. This kind of technology should and will be used in classrooms in the future, including my own, and will make creative writing much more enjoyable. These children will take this experience to heart for the rest of their lives and use it in their learning processes.

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  1. I agree it was so exciting to SEE the impact of this collaborative writing on student skills. I would love to start a program of "blogging buddies" here at UCO with local schools at some point. Good job connecting what you saw in this video to your own experiences as well, per our video reflection rubric!