Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nafiza and Technology

We watched a video in class about a girl named Nafiza who uses technology every way that she can. She is part of the technology club at school and her and her classmates create avatars of themselves and made a short video. This video was about how a child was having problems with attaining higher learning experiences. The video shows just how important it is for students to know technology and learn it to the best of their ability. Nafiza also introduced websites that were helpful to different problems in the world such as Darfur and believes this game could help people understand just how difficult it is in that kind of environment.

One thing that I can take away from this video is how much you can do with technology in the classroom and out of the classroom. There is limitless knowledge across the internet and every tool can be useful to broadening your education of the technological world. By exposing children at a young age, these kinds of technological advances will become second nature to them and they will be set for new technologies in the future.

Teacher should be aware of these uses of technology and use it in the classroom. I personally would use any kind of game or video of any kind to encourage my students in the usage of technology. It is very important to me that, as a future teacher, technology can improve the children's knowledge of the world around them and create any kind of imaginative and technical skills possible.

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